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"These recordings are so valuable. Literally life-saving and life-giving."  - Tony Arnold, Artist-Teacher of Voice

"A vast and inviting playground..."
-Nick Brown, retired

"Easy access to guided ATMs that are nicely paced and feel supportive of my process of discovery." -Marcia Giudice, Feldenkrais Practitioner

"I subscribed and here's how I am using it: each time I find myself getting unfocused, distracted, or just plain BLAH for long periods of time in my work I take a break, find a 5 or 8 or 10 minute recording in the library, and follow it. It resets my body, my mind, my creativity and focus. Its worked every time so far  - and it's changing my life!"
- Amy Walsh, Artist & Educator, The Bureau of Tactical Imagination

“I have looked at several other collections of Feldenkrais ATM lesson information, and your Movement and Creativity Library is by far the best I have found.  Not only have you provided a very well cataloged and searchable set of a wide variety of lessons, you lead each lesson with recorded audio instruction.  Thus, one can quickly find and listen to a lesson that meets their needs at that moment - in real time.  Awesome!  I see your library as a great tool for me as a new ATM teacher.”   -3rd year Feldenkrais Trainee