Deep Work Circle

Recommend reading/ listening:

Deep Work by Cal Newport.
Here is a free audio version.

The End of Trauma Podcast w/ Steve Hoskinson

No need to listen to everything, but dip your toes in the water if you are moved to.




We begin with reflecting here. Then read how others responded (shared with permission):

What moved us to join Deep Work Circle?

A deep gnawing need to pay attention to what matters most to me, reaching in myself to love myself with time to be with what i really want to do

I am interested in Organic Intelligence as well as feeling overwhelmed with all the small things in life that keep me from making big changes or working on bigger projects.

- Spending more time with you, Tiffany, and the community

- Establishing a continuity across a couple of weeks, together with a community

- Receiving a sense that I am working on something, even if I don't "work" in the usual sense

- curiosity about OI!

- I'd like thing of myself as a rather structured, disciplined person capable of deep work, yet I suspect / know that, at the moment, reality is that my life is (thankfully!) haphazardly unstructured, and that even my former work ethos and routines were dictated by willpower and pressure to perform. How can I be in touch with and aware of my inner process (oscillations)?

- In some ways I'm scared of intentionality. It has the connotation of Controlling, Forcing myself. Perhaps the DWC can help me to sort out what true intentionality is and separate from the urge to achieve?

- Last but not least to re-orient myself. See what's up next.

  • Sarah Aßmann, "Rehab apprenticeship"



What is your understanding of your Deep Work right now?

Hopes/ wishes/ intentions:

Questions we will be with:

Deep Work Circle - begin here

Deep Work Roots:

Deep Work is an idea that comes from the book the Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World written by Cal Newport.

Listen to the audiobook:

Organic Intelligence Roots:

Organic Intelligence was developed by Steve Hoskinson which integrates complexity science, Somatic Experiencing, the work of Milton Erickson, Carl Jung, polyvagal theory, aikido, deep ecology, play, and the fractal nature of body & mind. To learn more listen to Steve’s podcast: The End of Trauma.


Dates/ times:
Feb 5, March 5, April 2

Tuesdays 1-2:30pm EST
Online via Zoom
(I will send Zoom details the morning of each class)

Private session: Deep Work Circle includes a 1 hour private Organic Intelligence session. Book your session here.

All of the classes will be recorded and shared on this password-protected page for those participating in the series. I will share excerpts of the classes in Movement and Creativity Library. If you'd prefer not to have excerpts of yourself shared in the library, please let me know.

Movement and Creativity Library:
3 months of access to Movement and Creativity Library is included in your series (unless you're already a member). You'll have access to the library through the end of April or beyond that if you decide to become a library member.

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