Movement & Learning in Development 

November Feldenkrais workshop with Matty Wilkinson

IN PERSON AND ONLINE + Set of recordings for you to keep

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In this workshop we will explore these questions:

How do babies learn to move?

What can we learn by exploring movement from a developmental perspective?

How can a deeper understanding of sensory motor development support us and the children in our lives?

Who is this for?

Anyone interested in learning and developmental movement. Parents, educators, providers serving babies & young children, and those with a desire to learn are welcome.

This workshop is a part of the Art of Learning: Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method Series. Matty’s workshop will be the first of 3 guest contributor workshops, which may be taken as stand alone workshops or as part of the Art of Learning.


The Feldenkrais Method® and the Anat Baniel Method for Children®

are innovative, developmentally-based approaches to learning that utilize movement + attention to enhance awareness, clarify and support fundamental movement patterns, increase our range of movement and thought, and refine our ability to learn.


About Matty Wilkinson:


Matty Wilkinson earned an M.A. from the Tufts Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Development and taught in early childhood classrooms for 12 years. As a certified practitioner of the Feldenkrias Method® of somatic education and the Anat Baniel Method for Children®, Matty helps children with a wide range of challenges reach their fullest potential in motor, cognitive, social, and language development. He practices in Cambridge, MA and travels to Denmark twice a year to work with children and families at the Scandinavian Center for Neurodevelopmental Movement. He is the father of two young children who love to climb, dance, and explore. 

“As a Dance/Movement therapist working with infants and toddlers in Early Intervention, I eagerly signed up for Matty’s Developmental Movement class series. Through the series, I gained useful skills, somatic empathy, and thoughtful questions that now guide my practice with young children. Matty’s teaching conveys a wealth of knowledge and experience working with young children, and insightful perspectives on motor development." -Amorn O'Connor

Register for the workshop:

Nov 1, 4-5:30pm, 11 Bow Street, Somerville, MA


Nov 2, 12-1:30pm EST

+ Set of recordings for you to keep

$25 for the workshop + recordings if you register by Nov 2
$50 to buy the recordings here after the workshop


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  • some space on the floor to lie down or sit (depending on the lesson)

  • a mat or blanket

  • a computer or phone

We will use conferencing software called Zoom. It is super easy to use, even for those not comfortable with computers. You have the option to turn your video camera on or off during the workshop at any time. You can also access the workshop via telephone. Everyone will receive a copy of the recorded workshop, so if you can’t make the exact time you will still be able to access the material via the recordings.

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