Move Create Practice Fall 2016 

Intention, 8 min

What is your intention for the series? Take a moment to write it down. 

Then take this into movement (or stillness). Allow movement to inform and change the shape of your intention.

Open Practice Time, 3 min

Your own yoga, your own tai chi, your own Feldenkrais, your own unique practice... Writing, painting, collage, drawing... Exactly what you are moved to do or not do in the moment.

Creating Space, 21 min

Set a timer at the end of the warm-up for an amount of practice time. 5-20 minutes. Try doing this with a friend and sharing together at the end of the practice.

Writing and Moving, 17 min

Play with shifting back and forth between writing and moving.

“The act of owning our whole selves, of being willing to lay claim to any sensation, emotion and direct experience, gives birth to our creative potential.” –Christine Caldwell, Getting Out Bodies Back, p 128

Moving Scan, 17 min

Brain/Bodystorm, 10 min

Witnessing and Bells, 13 min

Integrating Opposites, 10 min

–E.F. Shumacher, Small is Beautiful

Inward and Outward, 11 min