“Spend enough time in a state of frenetic shallowness and you permanently reduce your capacity to perform deep work." –Cal Newport

Is there something you wish you could make time for?
Is there a practice you would like to begin or continue?

Your own practice
Your own yoga
Your own tai chi
Your own Feldenkrais
Your art

Time for you

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Move Create Practice

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Drop-in Practice Sessions
with Tiffany Sankary
via Zoom video conferencing

Tuesday, July 10 • 12-1:30pm EST
Friday, August 3 • 11-12:30pm EST

90 minutes

20 minutes of movement
1 hour of creative process
10 minutes to share and listen

Inspired by Authentic Movement practice and Feldenkrais principles, this series is designed to support deep creative process with the body as muse.

connect with your truth and your creative process • develop an embodied/creative practice • move towards your vision • develop self-compassion • open to the unknown • be inspired

Make time for yourself


$20 per 90 min session

Free for members of Movement and Creativity Library

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“Tiffany creates a very safe, structured yet flexible environment in which I have experienced freedom from self-editing, judgmental attitudes toward my own creative expression.” -Naomi, artist

"I appreciated the safe, focused space in which to explore and be with my creative practice and reconnect to my relationship with the unknown." -Ean Spangler, massage therapist, artist

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Free sample class!

Here is a short talk + a chance to practice for yourself. 


“Tiffany Sankary is a masterful and talented leader and guide, whose presence, kindness, skillfulness, and generosity have thoroughly influenced my approach to mindfulness both personally and professionally. I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to develop a moving mindfulness practice, a new avenue to creative discovery, or a greater understanding of and compassion for themselves and others.” -Jackie Shapiro PhD, Clinical Psychologist

"In this series I was able to bridge my instinctual self with my cognitive self just a little bit more! The result is a more fluid life experience, where the results of my daily decisions reflect my authenticity and return more of the things I want in my life!" -Cody Remaklus, Professor of Music and Feldenkrais Practitioner

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"I would like to gratefully express my appreciation for those experimental hours, the community you brought together and the space you were holding for us through your words and presence, for whatever wanted to arise, however it wanted to express itself. 

To my surprise each time something different showed up. The respective emotional landscape and my organism's needs of that moment framed the practice in powerful, satisfying ways. 

Through that gentle approach I discovered that tiredness/sadness/excitement and bringing my attention purposefully to "work“ are not mutually exclusive! Creating, combined with moving seemed to come from a place of connection, of deep listening and trusting. And that familiar attitude of "simply getting things done“ now appears empty in comparison.

The practice provided me with a perfectly doable structure, not too long, not too short. This is really welcome in the current phase of my life where I am not yet working again. I sometimes manage to adopt and integrate similar chunks of 10 minutes settling in awareness leading to 30 minutes of doing into my days :) I see that that is the place and quality where more and more my activity / productivity want to spring from, and easily can spring from with my current state of health. -Sarah Aßmann, Musician/Feldenkrais practitioner, Bielefeld/Germany


  • some space in your home to move
  • optional mat or blanket
  • notebook and pen/pencil
  • art supplies if you wish
  • a computer or phone

We will use conferencing software called Zoom. It is super easy to use, even for those not comfortable with computers. You can also access the classes via telephone. Everyone will receive a copy of the recordings, so if you need to miss a class you will still be able to practice.

Email movecreatelearn@gmail.com if you have any questions!