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Move Your Vision December 2018

Free month of online support & inspiration to move your vision forward in 2019



This month will include online workshops via Zoom video conferencing. You can participate in some or all of the month's offerings in real time or via recordings. 

Times listed in EST. Convert to your time zone here.

December 3 Weekly Vision: SPACE/ INTENTION 9:30-10:30am
December 10 Weekly Vision: ORIENTATION/ MAPPING 9:30-10:30am
December 10 SEEING YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM: Workshop with Mary Bacha Time TBD
December 12 Move Create Practice: MOVE YOUR VISION 12:30-2pm
December 12 - Jan 1: MOVEMENT & CREATIVITY LIBRARY Free Days
December 17 Weekly Vision: PLAN 9:30-10:30am
+ 1.5 hour QUARTERLY VISION 10:30am-12pm
December 17 PLANNING TO FLOW: Intro to Organic Intelligence® with Founder Steve Hoskinson 2-3pm
December 21 CREATIVE MINDSET with Amy Walsh 12-1pm
December 31 Weekly Vision: INTEGRATION 9:30-10:30am

About the practices:

Move Your Vision includes a sampling of practices included in Movement & Creativity Library, a library/community of 150+ Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons and guided practices to support nervous system regulation, reduce pain and awaken creativity.

Weekly Vision:

Weekly review / Vision

To begin our month together I will walk you through a mindful planning practice I have evolved over the years that helps me manage many to dos and bigger visions, influenced by teachings on productivity and creativity, particularly David Allen's Getting Things Done.

I'll share some templates that you can customize to fit your life and a few video tutorials for how to use the templates.

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Move Create Practice:

Inspired by Authentic Movement practice and Feldenkrais principles, Move Create Practice is designed to support deep creative process with the body as muse. We will set aside the practical to-do-list stuff and create space to move your vision through embodied practice.

The Feldenkrais Method®:

The Feldenkrais Method is a process of embodied learning through movement and awareness that gives you access to your potential developed by Moshe Feldenkrais. You will receive a Feldenkrais audio download for you to keep exploring the movements of your eyes + you can explore more lessons during your free trial of Movement and Creativity Library.

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Organic Intelligence®:

Organic Intelligence is the art of attuning to your nervous system’s naturally arising impulses that move you into your life path. You will receive an Organic Intelligence audio download to practice on your own when the time is right + you can learn and explore more in the library.

What people are saying:

“Tiffany creates a very safe, structured yet flexible environment in which I have experienced freedom from self-editing, judgmental attitudes toward my own creative expression.” -Naomi, artist

"I’m inspired by the work you do, on all fronts, and the not perfect, growing approach you take. A great model for all of us." -Judith Morse, retired massage therapist

“I recommend Tiffany's teaching to anyone who wants more freedom to move, more self-compassion, and a healthier mind-body relationship.” –Zan Barry, health coach/ yoga instructor

“I learned to integrate my creative energy and focus into more areas of my life. I no longer think of creative time and space as so separate from the rest of who I am and what I do. As a result I feel more connected to myself and my work.” -Jackie Wolfman, Psychologist

“Creating, combined with moving seemed to come from a place of connection, of deep listening and trusting. And that familiar attitude of "simply getting things done“ now appears empty in comparison.” 
-Sarah Aßmann, Musician/Feldenkrais practitioner, Bielefeld/Germany

"I was able to bridge my instinctual self with my cognitive self just a little bit more! The result is a more fluid life experience, where the results of my daily decisions reflect my authenticity and return more of the things I want in my life!" -Cody Remaklus, Professor of Music and Feldenkrais Practitioner

"I appreciated the safe, focused space in which to explore and be with my creative practice and reconnect to my relationship with the unknown." -Ean Spangler, massage therapist, artist

“What Tiffany Sankary offers to the world is nothing short of extraordinary. Through the combination of reading her book, downloading her courses, and meeting with her, I was able to imagine and experience being free from chronic pain for the first time in a decade. Her work opened up undiscovered ways of moving, new possibilities for adventure, and even new ways of seeing myself that contribute to a sense of ease, agility, creative fortitude, and graceful power.”
-Bina Venkataraman, Writer 

About Weekly Vision:

“Weekly Vision helped me organize my life at the time I needed most. It helped me see the bigger picture and the little tasks at the same time.  I truly believe that without this process and being a part of the lovely community that Tiffany created, I wouldn’t be able to be as productive and creative as I am today. The weekly meetings are the anchor that helps me start each week and be successful.” -Revital Ganzi, Jewish Educator

“The weekly vision meetings support my focus and clarity for the week!” - Ariane

“Over the past year that I've been engaged regularly with Weekly Vision, the process has been a container for balancing the many different pieces of a freelance life, project planning, accountability to myself and my communities, and seeing vague ideas come into fruition and progress to new projects. I appreciate showing up online to a fluctuating community of people who come together for this process -- so much better than going at it alone! It really is an approach to self-organization that dovetails nicely with all of Tiffany's other offerings. Thank you Tiffany!!” -Eve Boltax, Musician

About Movement and Creativity Library:

"These recordings are so valuable. Literally life-saving and life-giving." 
-Tony Arnold, Artist-Teacher of Voice

"A vast and inviting playground..."
-Nick Brown, retired

"Easy access to guided ATMs that are nicely paced and feel supportive of my process of discovery."
-Marcia Giudice, Feldenkrais Practitioner

"Really like the creative aspects of approaching our work!" -Suellen Bartel, Feldenkrais Practitioner

"A slow, investigative, non judgmental, creative ground that nourishes my body and soul!"
-Elizabeth Coleman

"A lifesaver"
-Robin Robertson, Retired Martial Arts Teacher

“A grand variety of well organized, high quality lessons in the comfort and quiet of my home! I am so enjoying tuning in to my body in this way. I love the concept of giving my brain the feedback it needs to allow my body to function optimally. And, best of all, I am already experiencing major improvements in balance, flexibility and ease of movement. It is truly extraordinary and I am delighted! Through your thoughtfulness and generosity in creating the library you have opened a door for me into my wellbeing. Physically for sure, but also on more levels than I can yet quite grasp, or articulate. I am excited for what is to come and for the fun and satisfaction I will have along the way!-Maureen Hyman