Welcome to Movement and Creativity, a space to move and be moved.

What we practice:

The Feldenkrais Method® is a foundation for embodied learning through movement and awareness that gives you access to your potential

Authentic Movement is a practice of deep listening, imagination and play that connects you more deeply to yourself and others

Creative process is a powerful way to integrate the fullness of your life experience and connect to the world around you


Upcoming Workshops/Classes:

8/30-31 Free Library Days + Feldenkrais Workshop with Jeff Haller
10/16 Art of Learning: Intro to Feldenkrais (Somerville & Online)
10/2 Authentic Movement Series



This site is the home of Tiffany Sankary and collaborators.

“What Tiffany Sankary offers to the world is nothing short of extraordinary. Through the combination of reading her book, downloading her courses, and meeting with her, I was able to imagine and experience being free from chronic pain for the first time in a decade. Her work opened up undiscovered ways of moving, new possibilities for adventure, and even new ways of seeing myself that contribute to a sense of ease, agility, creative fortitude, and graceful power." -Bina Venkataraman, writer

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