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Hear from Seth Dellinger, our new library contributor and June 29th guest teacher:

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The Feldenkrais Method® is a path to expand your potential as a human being. Many people come to it for pain relief, recovery from neurological conditions or as a gentle entry into being in their bodies and then stay to continue learning into old age. Artists, actors, writers and musicians find the method gives them more clear access to an embodied self-as-instrument.

The Movement and Creativity Library supports people all over the world to practice Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement at home. Each lesson is tagged so you can easily find lessons based on parts of the body, positions, movement patterns, amount of time or different ways to orient to the process.


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Awaken creativity and access your potential

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All of us, whether we practice a visual or performing art or not, are creative beings. We need creativity to enhance and find satisfaction in our daily lives and routines.

While it can be helpful at times to engage our intellects to spark creativity, moving slowly in unfamiliar and novel ways can help us access creativity more instinctively and directly. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons refresh the brain and nervous system by interrupting habitual thought and emotional patterns, allowing something new and even surprising to emerge.

When we’re at our most creative we are in a flow state rather than feeling stuck, pushing through resistance or operating on autopilot. Gentle movement, done with awareness and without a goal, can help us transition from a feeling of being blocked, paralyzed or uninspired to a place of greater ease where ideas and insights can arise more freely and spontaneously. When we have a more supple view of ourselves, of our circumstances and even of others, we have more choice and possibility.  

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Pain is saying listen!

Many people come to the Feldenkrais Method for pain relief. You will get that and so much more.

What does it mean to really listen? When you observe yourself in movement---sometimes it’s uncomfortable. We speed up to skip over unwanted sensations. Our ambition to be good and do it right interferes with our learning and contributes to our pain. When you are willing to bring patience, honesty, humility, and care to your discomfort and frustrations, a space opens up. You give your nervous system a chance to regulate. New possibilities for acting and sensing emerge and pain dissipates.

What you will learn:

  • Learn to move with curiosity and pleasure
  • Increase flexibility in body and mind
  • Reduce pain + stress
  • Love and accept your body
  • Deepen self awareness and mindfulness
  • Access your creative potential

Who is Feldenkrais for?

  • People in pain or who have lost mobility.
  • People who are looking for a gentle entry into being in their bodies. 
  • Musicians, dancers, artists, athletes who want to go to the next level.

You are invited to join our membership community! 

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Early-adopter membership includes:

  • Online library of 100+ Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons and resources to help you reduce pain pain, awaken creativity and access your potential. 
  • Monthly Library office hours with rotating themes
  • Weekly Vision meetings to help you prioritize & organize
  • Access to lessons from guest teachers/ contributors
  • Discounts on other courses/ events

Early-Adopter Membership Price $20/month for the life of your membership

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"I subscribed to this and here's how I am using it: each time I find myself getting unfocused, distracted, or just plan BLAH for long periods of time in my work I take a break, find a 5 or 8 or 10 minute recording in the library, and follow it. It resets my body, my mind, my creativity and focus. Its worked every time so far - Ive used it 3 times since I subscribed yesterday - and its changing my life!"
- Amy Walsh, The Bureau of Tactical Imagination

"Feldenkrais has been an eye-opener for me-- rather than stretching and strengthening, building awareness has turned out to be the most helpful approach I've tried yet in terms of dealing with injury. Recognizing how many choices we have and how much freedom we have in both moving and thinking, instead of focusing on perceived limitations, has certainly made me feel better! And I've also found myself responding differently in conversations with people--slowing down and listening more... Feldenkrais has opened up things for me I didn't know were closed..." 
–Rachel Wiseman, Psy.D.

“I recommend Tiffany's teaching to anyone who wants more freedom to move, more self-compassion, and a healthier mind-body relationship.” 
–Zan Barry, health coach/ yoga instructor

"Experiencing Feldenkrais with Tiffany has helped me understand that certain beliefs, habits and perspectives are no longer working for me and that change is possible.” 
–Jennifer Recklet Tassi, Community Organizer

"These recordings are so valuable. Literally life-saving and life-giving." 
- Tony Arnold, Artist-Teacher of Voice