Begin your 8 week journey...

In person or online from the comfort of your home

Program Includes:

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  • 8 weekly classes & recordings (in person or online via Zoom video conferencing)
  • 10 Neck and Shoulder Ease Feldenkrais audio recordings to do between classes or as follow up after the series
  • 1 hour private session with Tiffany. Choice of hands-on Functional Integration or virtual session via Zoom
  • In person option includes the ability to attend any of the online classes for no extra charge

Cost of Program:

$350 for the 8 week program
$325 Early-bird by April 8
$300 Early-bird with a friend

"I enjoyed the nature of the classes very much. They helped me to become a better observer of my own body and mind. I am more aware of how my body has moved unconsciously and how this can change -- It is a very introspective process and one of the best ways to develop body intelligence." 
- Mr. Kim, Dancer



If you have experienced the Feldenkrais Method you know the power of the process. It is life changing. (And if you are new to the method, welcome!) 

One way to keep the practice alive and integrating into all areas of your life is to do it regularly. Even though we may practice alone, there is power in doing the lessons within a group context. Practicing in community supports your deepening awareness, adding a richness and encouragement to show up more fully.


  •  some space on the floor to lie down or sit (depending on the lesson)
  •  a mat or blanket 
  •  a computer or phone

We will use a software called Zoom. It is super easy to use, even for those not comfortable with computers. You have the option to turn your video camera on or off during the class at any time. You can also access the classes via telephone. Everyone will receive a copy of the recorded live classes, so if you need to miss a class you will still be able to practice.