About Organic Intelligence®


Organic Intelligence is a paradigm shift. We move away from pathology and the focus on “What’s Wrong”; away from working “with” trauma, working “with” anxiety, working “with” chronic fatigue or IBS or overwhelm or etc. We focus, instead, on specifically reinforcing the biology’s super-subtle (at first) signals of healing and growth — because this is how our biology works.

With genuine human connection, compassion, attunement and skill to follow the intelligence of our nervous systems we grow our capacity to naturally heal and self-organize.


“Organic Intelligence Sessions with Tiffany have been a very fascinating process filled with experiences of joy and curiosity. Tiffany has this incredible ability to create a safe and warm atmosphere that opens up space to share anything. By exploring compassionately, witnessing and mirroring back what is present in the moment Tiffany has lead me to a greater sense of wholeness and acceptance by weaving in and differentiating layers of sensing, imaging, meaning and feeling into my felt experience. It`s like no state, no emotion has just one solid quality and by exploring all it`s different nuances it breaks apart and opens up to moving into something new.

Working with Tiffany feels like a huge gift and has touched and enriched many areas of my being. The most profound shift that I can put into words is this newly discovered intelligence of my own system, the rhythmic nature of it`s life and with this embodied knowledge came a sense of ease, trust and purpose that I could not be more grateful for.” -Katharina Jänicke, Germany, Social Worker

What does an OI session look like?


Sessions can be done in person or online and happen in the space of a free association conversation. It is a process of gently following our own system’s naturally arising resources, thoughts, images, sensations, feelings and unconscious movements. The role of the practitioner is to highlight the client’s organic, positive self-organizing impulses, while supporting an orientation to the present moment.

It’s a very pleasurable, non-pathologizing process that is an attuned, compassionate joining to the client within a framework of awareness of the person’s nervous system phase and state.

Organic Intelligence is a process that helps to bring us back to biological synchrony and supports us to recognize our wholeness.


Origins of OI

Organic Intelligence was developed by Steve Hoskinson which integrates the best of complexity science, Somatic Experiencing, the work of Milton Erickson, Carl Jung, polyvagal theory, aikido, deep ecology, play, and the fractal nature of body & mind.

Organic Intelligence approaches trauma as “unintegrated resource”.

In Steve’s podcast, The End of Trauma, he lays out that our problem is our focus on the problem, and our addiction to the “What’s Wrong Attention”.

"Attention tends to potentiate the process it goes toward.” -Steve Hoskinson


Shifting our attention to the present moment, mapping our environment with our senses, re-orients us in our lives. This is the opposite of disorientation.

And not only do we become re-oriented in this particular moment and phase in our lives, but we get to the heart of why we are here and receive support for forward movement on our life path.

When the underlying biology and internal rhythms become more harmonious and find their organic occillation (expansion/ contraction, exceleration/ deceleration, activation/ deactivation…), a natural expansion of capacity occurs.


In addition to integrating Organic Intelligence in to my private practice and work with groups, I am a mentor the Human Empowerment and Resilience Training in San Diego, CA. I am grateful to be lovingly welcomed into a wonderful group of OI mentors that meet monthly to connect around the material and teaching.


“OI practitioners learn to see the ‘ideal intensity thresholds’ which the nervous system is attempting to reach — not too much, not too little is the key! It’s a  biological intention to reach those thresholds, similar to a thermostat — reach exactly that threshold, and the system learns how to process a new level of intensity….the system learns how to learn to reach future and greater thresholds more automatically. In this way we actually catalyze a self-organizational impulse which drives our biology — and this creates natural resilience.”
-Steve Hoskinson,
OI Tenant #3, What is Resilience?

All the images on this page are with quotes from Steve Hoskinson. Learn more at www.getoi.org