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FELDENKRAIS MIXTAPE begins October 8th, 2019

3 month live and online series with Tiffany Sankary + guest contributors weaving together Feldenkrais hits, highlights and related threads.

What we practice:

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Organic Intelligence® is the art of attuning to your nervous system’s naturally arising impulses that move you into your life path

The Feldenkrais Method® is a process of embodied learning through movement and awareness that gives you access to your potential

Authentic Movement is a practice of deep listening, imagination and play that connects you more deeply to yourself and others

Creative process is a powerful way to integrate the fullness of your life experience and connect to the world around you

Upcoming Calendar:

October 8 Feldenkrais Mixtape Series (Somerville)

October 9 Feldenkrais Mixtape Series (Online)

October 10 Developmental Movement & Learning: Feldenkrais series w/ Matty Wilkinson (Somerville)

October 12-13 Intro to The Feldenkrais Method: Connecting to our Organic Intelligence (Somerville)

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