Amherst Study Group

A study group for Feldenkrais practitioners (and Feldenkrais Trainees in their 3rd or 4th year) to learn and reflect on the Amherst Training materials (1980-1981). The dvds and transcripts are available from the International Feldenkrais Federation or in your regional library.


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Study Group details:

We meet weekly on Zoom on Mondays 130-3pm EST to do the Amherst training dvds together.

We also use this Facebook group to support our study.

2019 Schedule TBD

The IFF grants permission to Tiffany Sankary to use excerpts of the Amherst training videos in the context of the Online Amherst Study Group. It is understood that these sessions are broadcast via Zoom (or similar) to a closed membership group of Feldenkrais Practitioners and Students. The video broadcasts will not be recorded. Members of the group will purchase their own copies of the materials to be studied.