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We will meet the 1st Monday of most months.

Study Group Plan:



About this group:
This is a study group for Feldenkrais practitioners (and Feldenkrais Trainees in their 3rd or 4th year) to learn and reflect on the Amherst Training materials (1980-1981).

We will go through the material on our own and use this Facebook group to support our study in whatever ways we come up with.

We will also meet on Zoom the first MONDAYS of most months at 12pm and 830pm EST to discuss/reflect on the material from the previous month(s). Scroll down to see a full layout of the 2 year plan.

October 2 (Week 1)
November 6 (Week 2)
December 4 (Week 3)

February 5 (Week 4)

The dvds and transcripts are available here or in your regional library.