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The following Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons are available to download now or access these + over 200 more when you join Movement and Creativity Library

Structure and Freedom

10 Mini Feldenkrais and Organic Intelligence lessons for creative focus

1. Orientation
2. Eyes and Head
3. Head and Shoulders
4. Pelvis to Head
5. Hips to Arms
6. Thinking and Moving
7. Shoulder Diagonals #1
8. Pelvis Diagonals
9. Shoulder Diagonals #2
10. Rolling/ Integration

Unlock Your Jaw with Tiffany Sankary

Through slow, gentle explorations of the movement of the jaw, these Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons can help calm your whole nervous system. Great for those who grind their teeth, have TMJ, have had a lot of dental work or for anyone who holds onto extra work in the jaw and face. (We all do!)

1. Clarifying the right & left movements of Jaw & Skull
2. Palate, Teeth, Tongue, Imagination & Breath
3. Connecting the Jaw & Pelvis through the Spine

Your Pelvis Rocks! with Tiffany Sankary

Your pelvis is your power center. In order for your pelvis to move freely, everything around your pelvis needs to be available for movement. When you clarify fundamental movements of your pelvis, your posture improves, back/neck pain decreases, and you increase freedom in your hip joints, flexibility/fluidity and overall well being.

Intro: Connecting Feet & Pelvis (on back)
1) Tilting Legs. Self Hug. (on back)
2) Hip & Shoulder Clocks (on side)
3) Sitting on the Heels (hands & knees)
4) Pelvic Clock (multiple positions)

5) Push Feet - Rock Pelvis to Head (multiple positions)

Single Feldenkrais lessons with Tiffany Sankary
Lessons are 45-60 minutes in length and were recorded live.


Not in Movement & Creativity Library:

A Flexible Chest Volume 1 by Arlyn Zones

The flexibility or inflexibility of the chest impacts all aspects of our functioning. An improvement in the way the spine and ribs can move also improves the breathing, the way forces are transmitted through the skeleton, co-ordination and mental and emotional well being.

4 Awareness Through Movement lessons with mini-talks in between.

1. Talk: Making New Sensory Distinctions
2. ATM Lesson: Hand to Heel Variations
3. Talk: Working in the Imagination
4. ATM Lesson: Circles of the Arm
5. Talk: The Structure of the Ribs
6. ATM Lesson: Circles of the Feet and Legs
7. ATM Lesson: Minimal Folding of Shoulders & Hips

Arlyn Zones

Arlyn Zones, MA (Theatre Arts), began studying the Feldenkrais Method in 1977 and has been a trainer in the method since 1994. 

"Simply some of the most profound and useful Feldenkrais lessons you'll ever do, they greatly enhance both flexibility and breathing. I've also taught these lessons successfully to students in my Feldenkrais classes over the past 20 years".   - Jodie Krantz, Feldenkrais Practitioner & physiotherapist, Perth

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