Recovery from Neurological Injury

This presentation was originally given to the Pediatric Stroke Rehabilitation Workshop, Massachusetts General Hospital, April 27, 2019.

Matty Wilkinson, M.A., Feldenkrais Method®
Anat Baniel Method for Children®

A Developmental Learning Perspective

Slideshow and Lecture: Learning from Infants

This slideshow and lecture highlights how an infant’s approach to movement supports learning and recovery from neurological injury. The qualities discussed are common in infancy and childhood. By understanding the process we can learn to recognize and utilize these qualities to support our own learning and that of the children in our care.

Audio Lesson: Experiencing Movement from a Developmental Learning perspective

For this movement lesson you will need a comfortable place to lie down on the floor (like a rug or pad), with enough room extend your arm overhead while lying with your legs long. If you use a yoga mat, make sure to lay a towel or sheet behind your head and back to reduce the friction so you can easily slide your head and upper back on the mat.

Observing the Principles in Action: Demo Video

The demonstration video below is from a Developmental Movement class I taught to a group of parents and practitioners exploring the theme, “Novelty and Acceptance in Learning.” I discuss many of the same features of developmental learning, and demonstrate how I apply these principles in an individual session with a child with special needs.