Gratitude to my teachers:

Arlyn ZonesElizabeth BeringerDavid Zemach-Bersin, Aliza StewartDennis LeriMark ReeseCarol KressCliff SmythRussell DelmanJulie Cason-RubinJeff HallerMia SegalRuthy AlonAlton WassonDaphne Lowell, and my high school art teacher Fred Marinello who watered the art making seed in me and encouraged me to pursue it.

Places I have taught:

Massachusetts: Boston Feldenkrais Training, MITWatertown Center for Healing ArtsTree of Life Tai Chi Center,Cambridge Health AllianceSomerville Arts at the ArmoryEasy Does ItMoving CelebrationsSpringstepBerklee College of MusicLesley University Holistic Psychology DepartmentTufts Eliot Pearson Department of Child DevelopmentBlack Lotus Yoga StudioBody Mind Integration CenterEarthdance

California: RudramandirBerkeley Adult SchoolDowntown Oakland YMCAMonarch Place Senior CommunityStrawberry Creek LodgeOakland Feather River Camp,Chochmat Halev

New York: The Feldenkrais Institute of New York (Functional Integration® in Feldenkrais professional training programs)


Feldenkrais Illustrated: The Art of Learning, Movement and Creativity Press, 2014
Drawings, Senseability, Issue #64, Summer 2014
“You Look Like a Dancer,” Senseability, Issue #49, Fall 2009
Drawings and photos, The Feldenkrais Journal, 2013, 2012, 2009, 2006, 2005, 2004
Illustrations, Tikkun Magazine, May/June 2004, March/April 2003, Nov/Dec and Sept/Oct 2002
Illustrations, Turning Wheel, Sum 2004, Fall & Spring 2003, Winter, Fall & Sum 2002
“We Kill to Stop Killing,” Adbusters, May/June 2003
Illustrations, Street Spirit, Jan, Feb 2008; March, April, July, Sept 2006; Aug, Oct 2004; Feb, March, April, Sept, Oct 2003