2019 Weekend Feldenkrais Workshops

Benefits of the Feldenkrais Method:

Reduced pain & stress • Increased range of movement • Enhanced athletic and artistic performance • Prevention of performance related injuries • Greater ease and pleasure in everyday activities • Quicker recovery of abilities following trauma • Increased mental clarity • A sense of vitality and power



April 13-14
with Aliza Stewart

Oct 12-13
with Arlyn Zones

Tree of Life Tai Chi 11 Bow Street, Somerville, MA 02144

with Aliza Stewart
April 13-14, 1-7pm

How do you experience progress? How can you use your capacity for learning to reverse the results of faulty education and bad habits? To answer these questions, you need to first experience and understand how faulty learning happens. You must learn to sense the difference between movements that result in pain and frustration, and easy, effortless actions that feel pleasurable and effective. There is no better way to fully grasp the progress that is possible in your everyday movement and sensation than by spending several consecutive days studying the Feldenkrais Method.

"Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy pleasurable" -Moshe Feldenkrais

With his understanding of motor development, neuroscience and engineering, Dr. Feldenkrais created thousands of movement lessons that he called Awareness Through Movement. He observed – and the latest discoveries in Neuroscience confirm – that improved movement is possible at any stage of life and often results in improved cognitive functioning as well.

Cost: $250 for the weekend workshop. $225 early bird by April 1. $150 for student early bird by April 1.
(Students rate is for University or Feldenkrais Training program students)

with Arlyn Zones

In this two day workshop you will experience a series of Awareness through Movement® lessons which lead to a new understanding of how to feel more supported in your way of using yourself in daily life. The various lessons will clarify:

  • New options in how we use our feet and transmit force through our bones

  • How to expand one's self-image, particularly the image of the skeleton

  • How improvement in the breathing helps improve the support of the intrinsic musculature

  • How connecting through the middle of ourselves leads to well organized movement

  • How we can use physical laws to improve our sense of support in dynamic actions

The combination of lessons will lead to feelings of ease, comfort and enhanced clarity in thought and action. The entire state of the functioning of the nervous system will be taken to a higher level.

Cost: $250 for the weekend workshop. $225 early bird by Sept 22. $150 for student early bird by Sept 22.
(Students rate is for University or Feldenkrais Training program students)

Teacher bios:

Aliza Stewart Feldenkrais

Aliza Stewart:

Aliza Stewart has been practicing the Feldenkrais Method since 1986. She is an internationally known Trainer, teaching new Feldenkrais teachers across the U.S., Europe, South America and Israel. She is currently the Educational Director of Feldenkrais Training Programs in Boston, MA and Baltimore, MD.

She has given classes, workshops and presentations for many institutions and organizations including The Johns Hopkins applied Physics Laboratory, The Kennedy Krieger Institute, The Maryland Medical and Chirurgical Society, The University of Wisconsin in Madison and The University of Maryland Medical School.

Originally trained as a concert pianist, Aliza has a great affinity for the needs and problems of performers. She has taught Feldenkrais classes at the Peabody Conservatory and at the Mannes College of Music. She is in residence at the Marlboro Chamber Music Festival and the Yellow Barn Music Festival, and has taught workshops in for musicians in Berlin and Vienna.

“Aliza provided me with many tools to free myself from the constant aches and pains. With the fusion of 4 vertebrae 25 years ago, I tolerated back, hip and neck pains and curtail my exercise and parenting activities. Aliza led me to change my habits so that I can take pleasure in the most mundane aspects of life that previously caused me pain.” – Gail Fishman, Museum Manager

"I've tried many healing modalities besides allopathic medicine, but none have been as transformative as the Feldenkrais Method. Among Feldenkrais practitioners, Aliza Stewart is recognized as a master and it is no wonder. Her classes and private sessions are not only highly effective at reducing and eliminating pain, but they also foster an overall sense of vitality, power and expanded possibilities." – Hannah VoDinh, Guitarist

“I never skied better in my life than this past week. I know that Feldenkrais and Aliza’s work with me for the last two years are behind my getting better and having more fun at this stage of my life, 72 years old and still learning”. – Diana Jacquot, Retired Restauranteur and Financial Planner

“Aliza’s intelligence and commitment make her a real master of the Feldenkrais method. As a classical musician, I suffered chronic pain for several years and Aliza helped eradicate it within months. Aliza Stewart and the Feldenkrais method changed my life.” – Heather Storeng, Violist


Arlyn Zones:

Arlyn Zones studied acting, voice and mime and taught Movement for Actors prior to her involvement with the Feldenkrais Method.  She began studying the Feldenkrais Method® in 1977 and graduated from Dr. Feldenkrais’ US Training Program in 1983.  She became an Assistant Trainer in 1988 and a Feldenkrais Trainer in 1994.  Arlyn has taught extensively in Australia, the United States, Canada, and Europe in over 100 Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs worldwide.  She has also directed her own training programs in Amsterdam, Berkeley, and Toronto.

Over the past 35 years Arlyn has taught numerous workshops for the general public.  She has also taught Advanced Trainings for Feldenkrais Practitioners on a number of different themes.  Her style of teaching is direct, humorous and very dynamic.

Arlyn also gives individual sessions in Functional Integration®.  Her students include performing artists, infants, children, people with orthopedic or neurological issues and anyone who wants to improve their everyday functioning.

In addition,  Arlyn has taught in schools, clinics and hospitals. She has led seminars for physical and occupational therapists on the clinical applications of the Feldenkrais Method to people with orthopedic and neurological problems. She has also taught courses on the application of the Feldenkrais Method for children with special needs to Health Professionals and Feldenkrais Practitioners.  She taught for many years at Star Academy, San Anselmo, CA, a special school for children with learning challenges, helping to establish Feldenkrais® lessons as a permanent part of the curriculum. She has private practice in San Francisco and Berkeley, CA.