Whole Body Hands
FREE Feldenkrais Workshop
with Tiffany Sankary

March 6th, 6-8pm, Berklee College of Music, The Loft
921 Boylston St. Boston, MA, 3rd Floor Room 221

whole body layers.jpg

WHOLE: complete, connected, inclusive, pattern, total, awareness

BODY:  dynamic, breath, movement, action, learning, intention, ease

HANDS: sensitivity, creativity, touch, articulation, expression

As a musician or artist the work you do with your hands needs to be supported by your entire self. Even distribution of work brings ease, fluidity, efficiency, lightness.  The big muscles (closer to the center of ourselves: around the pelvis and torso) have a different job than the smaller muscles (further away from the center: the arms, hands, fingers). In this workshop, learn how your hands are connected to your entire self, through slowing down and bringing your attention to yourself in movement in novel and interesting ways. Please bring your instrument if you would like to do a before and after experiment. Also bring a towel to put under your head while lying on your side. 

No registration required. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a mat if you have one.
Questions? Contact Eve Boltax: keboltax@gmail.com