Movement and Creativity Workshop

with Tiffany Sankary • Sunday, April 22, 1-5:30pm

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An afternoon to connect to your body and your creative instincts.

Time to be with yourself in community.

Access your passion/ curiosity/ purpose.

Plant the seeds for a home practice.

"I appreciated the safe, focused space in which to explore and be with my creative practice and reconnect to my relationship with the unknown." -Ean Spangler, massage therapist, artist

WHERE: 11 Bow Street, Somerville
(Above Bloc 11 in Union square.)

WHO: You, friends and family who want to explore the connection between movement and creativity

WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE: People on mats in a beautiful studio experimenting with the Feldenkrais Method®, Authentic Movement, and creative process.

$100 for workshop
$75 Early-bird by April 15
$50 Student rate

"The symbols of the self arise from the depths of the body." -Carl Jung