Curiosity, Self Image and Pain

6 Week Online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Series with Deborah Bowes

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The experience of chronic pain changes your self-image which is made up of how you move, think, feel, and sense yourself. Feldenkrais lessons help you to discover how to move more, sense more, think and feel in new ways that don't increase pain.

One if the main tools of the Feldenkrais Method is curiosity. Curiosity can be trained so that you can notice how you move and discover how to move differently, without pain, without judgement, starting right where you are. With awareness and learning to notice differences, you can change self-image and go from the limitations of thinking 'I can't' to the freedom of   'I can'.

This series designed for anyone who has an interest in chronic pain, such as, someone who has pain, or loves someone with pain, or works with clients with pain.

A series of Awareness Through Movement lessons accessible for all levels of movement and awareness ability


+ Weekly discussion topics including:

• self-image
• calming the nervous system
• how to better pace yourself
• using metaphor for thinking about pain
• self-care strategies
• the principles of good movement

“Curiosity is a sign of health in man and in animal.” -Moshe Feldenkrais

Series includes:

6 Weekly Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes + recordings for you to keep

TUESDAYS 1-2pm EST/ 10-11am PST 
ONLINE via Zoom or via recordings
June 18, 25, July 2, 9, 16, 23

5 Bonus Advanced Feldenkrais audio lessons
A layer of complexity to develop both the awareness and the movement skills that are essential for moving with less pain. Recorded during Deborah’s weekly advanced ATM class in San Francisco.

2+ months access to Movement & Creativity Library: a multimedia library of 200+ Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons and resources to help you reduce pain and awaken creativity. Your library access begins when you register and continues through August 31st


$350 for the 6 week series

Early-bird discounts if you register by June 9:
$250 Early-bird
$150 Students (Feldenkrais Training or University)
$150 Movement and Creativity Library Members

Register here:

About Deborah Bowes:


Deborah Bowes is a Feldenkrais® Teacher and Trainer. She initially trained as a physical therapist at Columbia University in New York and later earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Shenandoah University in Virginia. She holds a B.S. in Biology and Physical Education from Rhode Island College.

As a Guild Certified Trainer of the Feldenkrais Method® since 2000, she has taught widely in the United States, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Australia and Colombia for 14 different training organizations and in over 32 training programs.  Her other related in-depth studies and practices include Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, yoga, sensory awareness, meditation, and dance.

Deborah co-founded the San Francisco Feldenkrais® Center for Movement and Awareness in 1988, and for the past 30 years, has provided Feldenkrais lessons, classes, and workshops to adults and children. She has made many presentations and trainings to professional organizations, university programs, hospitals, and other professional groups.

She is an adjunct faculty member at Saybrook University, teaching Movement Modalities and Wellness. Her doctoral research demonstrated the benefit of her original Feldenkrais Method program, Pelvic Health and Awareness for men and women, for improving pelvic floor health.

Listen to Feldenkrais Podcast #4 with Deborah as she talks about her model for working with chronic pain. The feedback from the public and Feldenkrais Teachers has been very positive.


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  • some space on the floor to lie down or sit (depending on the lesson)

  • a mat or blanket

  • a computer or phone

We will use conferencing software called Zoom. It is super easy to use, even for those not comfortable with computers. You have the option to turn your video camera on or off during the class at any time. You can also access the classes via telephone. Everyone will receive a copy of the recorded live classes, so if you need to miss a class you will still be able to practice.