Intention, Action and Awareness

I just finished making this sweet video illustrating some of Aliza Stewart's words. Aliza is a Feldenkrais Trainer and dear friend who is teaching a workshop next weekend in Somerville, MA

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 9.12.00 AM.png

Aliza will also be teaching a free class as part of Creative Sparks at the end of the month

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What Supports Your to Move Your Vision?

It was quite a journey this last month. I created something bigger than I expected: Move Your Vision 2018 was a grand experiment that involved over 900 human beings!

What supports you to move your vision, to evolve, grow and mature? What helps you connect the dots between your physical self & your thoughts/ feelings/ ideas/ creative impulses? We will continue to explore these questions this year in Movement & Creativity Library.

Shifts in my practice

I am seeing that Organic Intelligence is the place I want to begin working with new clients. Then the Feldenkrais Functional Integration comes naturally when the time is right. This has been particularly effective for people who feel stuck, blocked creatively or who are wanting to be more in their bodies but find they spend a lot of time in their heads.

The work is also helpful for moving beyond stress/ anxiety/ trauma---and the beautiful thing is, the focus is not on the trauma, or the what's-wrong-attention.