Create Space

"We are beginning to place enormous emphasis on creativity, but there is a tendency to think that being creative is limited to “producing” something. I would suggest to you that the basic creativity of the human being consists in his working toward his own fullest development, the realizing of his own potentials, the allowing himself to grow. What we create first is ourselves and it is out of ourselves that the producing comes.” - Mary Whitehouse

Imagination and Instinct

"...willpower and intelligence are merely superficial expressions of the mind whereas their deeper manifestations are imagination and instinct...Educating the imagination is more important than educating the will. Man fulfills in his life what his imagination directs him to do. Each of us contains his life's image within himself. The course of our lives expresses and fulfills this image…

Confusion and the Creative Process

I found the Feldenkrais Method during a confusing search for how to have a more loving relationship with my body after growing up in a family and society that taught me to hate it. The invitations the Method offered were liberating: feel without judgement, move without comparing myself to others, and sense internally instead of looking to others to validate if what I was doing was correct. Through permission and encouragement to imperfectly cultivate my own inner sense of knowing, I found grace in a clunky un-embodied body. I found presence where I had been absent for so long. This coming home to myself was a creative, dynamic process...