Why do Feldenkrais?

Age gracefully I’m so inspired by my Feldenkrais teachers in their 80s. They continue to improve their movement habits even as they age – just as others their age seem to keep declining…

Feel More. Update your habits. Learn to slow down. Improve your brain’s map of your body. Discover the gifts inside pain. Grow your attentional flexibility. Be mindful and spontaneous. Become yourself…

The importance of doing ATM in a consistent way at home

Learn to respect your physical sensations as intelligent signals. By doing Awareness Through Movement, you will begin to learn to identify the sensations that precede your pain or discomfort. Then, you will be able to take the radical, proactive step of stopping whatever you are doing, and with a few minutes of ATM, interrupt the cycle of habitual stress and pain. This is what learning to take care of yourself means.

Feldenkrais in the NY Times Filled my Private Practice

The people who are coming to me via the NY Times article are intelligent, curious, fascinating people--therapists, professors, lawyers, artists, writers---open and eager to learn. It has been an honor to work with them. PAIN is the reason they all came to the method and they are finding that the same process which helps reduce their pain also supports overall well being, and for many, more vibrant creativity. It is a paradigm shift from our pain-no-gain culture.