I am That

What I see in the world outside, the tension and division between two opposing forces tearing at the fabric of our society- I feel inside of me. I am that. How could I not be? How could I be separate from my home? This country, this planet. I am that. That is me.


i am that wide.jpg

I have two competing forces. One yearns to yell, to share, to express. The other stifles, silences, represses. One knows exactly what to do and exactly when to begin. The other presses pause, distracts, sows doubt and self criticism. One knows now is the time to fight, to stand up, to demand accountability, justice, peace, and respect. The other turns sideways and looks away, hands folded, eyes down, and waits, hoping the storm will pass.

My chest twists right, my pelvis turns left. One side shortens and pulls, the other is slack and limp. How can I ask the world to be different? How can I expect clarity and decisive action if I continue to hold my breath, silence myself, constrain the truth that yearns to burst free?

My commitment to myself, to my home, to my family, to my country, to my planet- is to honor the life force that moves through me- to pick up the pen, to hit the nail squarely, to open my mouth and speak clearly. I have something to say. I will not be silent. There is no time to waste. The truth of that came crashing down a week ago. Now is the time to act. For me, you, us, we. That is the calling. That is how life responds to threat and adversity- with vigor and honesty, precision and passion.