Imagination and Instinct

Educating the imagination is more important than educating the will. -Hugo Bergman

"...willpower and intelligence are merely superficial expressions of the mind whereas their deeper manifestations are imagination and instinct." 

I found these gems from Hugo Bergman in his forward to Thinking and Doing, A monograph by Moshe Feldenkrais. I have been living with these words for the last few weeks, revisiting them again and again in my teaching, learning and as inspiration for my creative processes.

I gave myself the gift of making art for my 39th birthday and kicked it off with my first Facebook live where I share a bit about this quote and how it relates to the work I do. Here is an excerpt from the experiment:


Here are some images from the day:

"Man fulfills in his life what his imagination directs him to do. Each of us contains his life's image within himself. The course of our lives expresses and fulfills this image…"
-Hugo Bergman


Make some space for yourself to move and/or create and use one of these quotes as a prompt for your practice. I'd love to hear what happens! You can share your experience in the comments below.