Trust Your Guts

Living a creative life =

Trying things
being in action
then seeing what happens
and noticing how it feels

making adjustments
then seeing what happens

I changed my mind!

I am cancelling the summer Feldenkrais Online drop-in classes.

I changed my mind!

What is one thing that you can change your mind about?

Where can you give yourself permission to not do what you imagine others want you to do? Where can you take action to step towards what you want? What have you dreamed about doing? What are you clear that you don't want to be doing?

What is your body telling you?

My body is telling me that:
I want to spend my time
creating - not marketing
sharing - not convincing
inspiring - not manipulating
being myself - not trying to be good
learning - not trying to be an expert

One thing I am learning is how to plan ahead. Here is a preview of my Fall calendar.