drip, drop, drip

"There is no waste in creative process." -Amy Walsh


The little things, big things, stolen moments, mess, serendipity, inspiration, education, devotion, mistakes, struggle, dust, dream---all of it.

When you stay in the process, with the practice, in whatever imaginable and unimaginable ways, all the little drops add up.

Creative process takes time.

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I get impatient, as my ideas are overflowing, but I'm a mom of two young children. Time is limited. (My daughter is asleep in the floor as I write this!)

I appreciate zooming out to see that all the little bits add up.

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It's like that with learning.

Feldenkrais called this "successive approximations", coming at the same thing from different angles, in different moments. And then at a certain point, the learning comes together.

"Learning is turning darkness, which is the absence of light, into light."

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"Learning is creation. It is making something out of nothing. Learning grows until it dawns on you." -Moshe Feldenkrais


Thank you to Movement and Creativity Library members Allegra Heidelinde and Amy Walsh for inspiring this post---Allegra for the title and Amy for the quote! Images with Feldenkrais quotes from Feldenkrais Illustrated. Original quotes from Body Awareness as Healing Therapy: The Case of Nora.

I'd love to hear from you---

When you zoom out what do you see about your own learning and/or creative process?