Structure and Freedom


I've been clearing my slate only to find more wonderful things popping up in the open space! 

For 10 days I entered a spontaneous collaboration with filmmaker Erin Harper, who invited me to create a series of 5-10 minute Feldenkrais lessons for her film crew to do daily while they shot their new film in Colorado. I loved the idea, so I invited others to join along for the ride. This is what I created:

structure and freedom.jpg

10 Mini Feldenkrais & Organic Intelligence lessons for creative focus 

1. Orientation
2. Eyes and Head
3. Head and Shoulders
4. Pelvis to Head
5. Hips to Arms
6. Thinking and Moving
7. Shoulder Diagonals #1
8. Pelvis Diagonals
9. Shoulder Diagonals #2
10. Rolling/ Integration