Flexible Spine/ Flexible Mind

I changed my mind!

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Flexible Spine/ Flexible Mind

That's the new title for my Fall weekend workshop in Somerville, MA October 12-13 

It was originally called Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method. I started to get the word out about it and I realized it didn’t light me up! Beginners still welcome!

Right now, in this crazy world we're living in I'm feeling the importance of having a flexible mind—the ability to change plans, to see bigger pictures that include paradox, complexity, confusion, questions, puzzles, patterns...

I’m diving directly into this territory in creating Feldenkrais Mixtape, my fall live and online series.

I have just been given permission from the International Feldenkrais Federation to share some archival audio and video clips of Moshe Feldenkrais as a part of a new podcast and some videos I’m creating!

Here's my first video:

Audio and video clip of Moshe Feldenkrais used with kind permission of International Feldenkrais® Federation Archive. All rights reserved.

Feldenkrais Mixtape begins October 8

3 month live and online series with Tiffany Sankary + guest contributors weaving together Feldenkrais lessons, principles and related threads.

PART 1: The Process of Self Direction
PART 2: Thinking in Patterns
PART 3: Experiencing Beauty

“Learning to think in patterns of relationships, in sensations divorced from the fixity of words, allows us to find hidden resources...” - Moshe Feldenkrais