“Treat the person, not the body.”

Photo by  Matty Wilkinson

This image of my 5 year only son reminds me of where play can bring us…

I'm writing this from Minneapolis, MN, my 1st time traveling away from my children since I became a mama 5 years ago! I’m here attending my first in person Organic Intelligence® weekend with Steven Hoskinson after spending this year steeped in his online training for practitioners.

I’ve been integrating the work into my Feldenkrais practice with profound results! People shifting

  • from anxiety to ease

  • from a place of being stuck around major creative/ work/ learning projects to a place of moving forward with new possibilities

  • from disorientation to orientation

  • from feeling lost to feeling grounded and hopeful


I’ve been invited be a mentor in the upcoming Organic Intelligence Human Empowerment and Resilience training in Minneapolis starting next May and have been lovingly folded into a wonderful group of OI mentors that meet monthly to connect around the material and teaching. Feeling so blessed and amazed by how all the puzzle pieces are fitting into place.

Moshe Feldenkrais said, “Treat the person, not the body.” I feel like I am finally understanding the depth of what that means.

Steve Hoskinson, the founder of Organic Intelligence has a background as a therapist, working with complexity science, and approaches trauma as “unintegrated resource”. The approach is so gentle, non-pathologizing, filled with pleasure and joining and not doing and being authentic. Check out Steve’s podcast: The End of Trauma

I am looking forward to bringing more of the practices and teaching into Movement and Creativity Library. Yay!

Free intro to Organic Intelligence with Founder Steve Hoskinson: PLANNING TO FLOW • December 17th 2-3pm EST

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