Shifts in my practice

There are some changes in what/how I am practicing.

In the last few years I have immersed myself in learning more about the nervous system via reading, taking courses & trainings, receiving private sessions, and integrating my learning into my teaching and private practice. One thread of this learning emerged as the most clear, effective, supportive, meaningful, and enjoyable:

radical notion pleasure4.jpg

Organic Intelligence®

I am seeing that Organic Intelligence is the place I want to begin working with new clients. Then the Feldenkrais Functional Integration comes naturally when the time is right. This has been particularly effective for people who feel stuck, blocked creatively or who are wanting to be more in their bodies but find they spend a lot of time in their heads.

The work is also helpful for moving beyond stress/ anxiety/ trauma---and the beautiful thing is, the focus is not on the trauma, or the what's-wrong-attention.

Like The Feldenkrais Method®, Organic Intelligence is looking for what is going well with the person and highlighting that, so that the qualities, sensations, images, associations, life movements begin to trend in an organically supportive direction.


My clients are getting more out of Feldenkrais if we do Organic Intelligence first. It looks like a natural, easeful, pleasurable conversation and it makes so much sense to do this before getting to the touch work.

Im amazed at the positive shifts that are possible even with one session. Here's one:

"I am starting to feel a little more space in myself/ability to slow down and experience less chaos."

This can be online or in Somerville, MA. I am offering 30 or 60 minute sessions.

Other ways to experience Organic Intelligence:

Organic Intelligence was developed by Steve Hoskinson which integrates complexity science, Somatic Experiencing, the work of Milton Erickson, Carl Jung, polyvagal theory, aikido, deep ecology, play, and the fractal nature of body & mind.