One door closes and another opens →

"The principle of organization is built into nature. Chaos is self-organizing. Out of primordial disorder, stars find their orbits; rivers make their way to the sea...The same miracles are happening in our heads (and bodies) day by day, minute by minute." -Steven Pressfeild

I added "and bodies" in the quote above because that is my experience.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 11.07.46 AM.png

Movement and Creativity Library was born out of chaos of balancing my full practice + being a mom of 2 little ones + my desire to integrate, organize and synthesize my passions + wanting to move, learn and create in community.

My intention was to bring more ORDER and cohesion, which in many ways it has, and ironically I have created more work for myself and more complexity! That is the nature of these cycles.

One door closes and another opens.

On October 2nd I will press the pause button on adding new members to Movement & Creativity Library until the end of the year.

That way I can focus on teaching, learning and creating in community.

I feel my shoulders drop and breath fills my belly and chest. This is part of the process of spontaneous re-organization.

A perfect segway to to this Feldenkrais quote:

We sense differences layers-c 350.jpg

"Learning takes place through our nervous system, which is so structured as to detect and select, from among our trials and errors, the more effective trial. We thus gradually eliminate the aimless movements...

We sense differences and select the good from the useless: that is, we differentiate."

All the dates!

Sept 29-30Visit Movement and Creativity Library
Sept 30: Early-bird for Art of Learning
Oct 2: Last day to join M & C Library until late December
Oct 11/12: Art of Learning begins→ 12 week Intro to the Feldenkrais Method: 8 classes + 3 guest teacher workshops + audio recordings