Many ways to rest


I just returned from 2 weeks of vacation with family where I experimented with NOT working, which is challenging for me as I love my work, but I did it! 


I came across an image online of 9 Types of Rest which inspired me to think about the many dimensions of rest.

Ironically, there's not too much rest (in the ways I've previously understood it) being on vacation with 2 small children, but it is sweet time away with lots of play and connection---good for all of us. It is rest from work-attention and rushing to do all-the-things.

In returning I'm appreciating that rest is embedded in the nature of my work (yay!) and I’m exploring ways that I can deepen these qualities of rest in my creative projects, in my parenting and in the transitions between work and parenting.

I’d love to hear from you—-what’s your experience of rest? Brainstorm with me!

A few things I’d like to add:



Relaxed Action