Everything Changes

“The first principle of life is that everything changes. Every millisecond, and in every direction, we are surrounded by changes, and often the changes come not an abrupt binary switches but in gradient spectral shifts, slowly morphing, with the infinite variability of widened eyes. Can we play life’s changes, transitioning between phases as smoothly as the blackbirds swoops down to land on the scraggy field in a seamless ark, or the infant boy as he rolls his Rs from a high pitch down to a low growl?" -Stephen Nachmanovitch, The Art of Is


Summertime change for me means watching light and shadows in the trees, watching my kids grow right in front of my eyes, and sitting with the many questions and potential directions I could go with my work. I'm in the midst of small and big changes, as we all are.

I usually plan my open library days way in advance and coordinate them around an event, but here's a moment of spontaneity:

Pop-up Library Free Days

July 30-31

Explore a collection of 200+ Feldenkrais lessons, Organic Intelligence practices and creative resources to help you reduce pain and stress, awaken creativity and expand your capacity to enjoy life.

What's changing in you?

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